Monday, July 25, 2016

'Wonders Shall Never End' By Adesina Ogunlana

You cannot help but wonder at times. At the truism of the saying that life is actually stranger than fiction. When rather quirky reality plays itself out in blood and flesh and sometimes under one’s nose (korokoro eyes) one cannot help but wonder.

The wondering is a grasp at the unreal reality, the impossible possibility. Things flog your imagination and thrash your plausibility. You gasp, you do a double take and literally run your hands over your eyes just to make sure that what you are seeing or what you think or believe you are seeing is indeed the real McCoy.

One of such double take situations is the quite intriguing case of FRN vs Rosulu Idowu Oluronke. In this case, the main gist is that a high profile prison inmate managed to swindle another high profile prison inmate, while both were cooling their heels in the federal government owned recreation center at Kirikiri Lagos.

The alleged swindler is said to have obtained money from the swindlee (modern English) by telling him that the swindler had obtained the services of a prominent lawyer for the swindlee.

The swindlee, who himself is no kid, and not any grown up but a soldier and not just any soldier but a Major General and not just any Major General, but a Chief of Army Staff, parted with the princely sum of three hundred thousand dollars as down payment, without ever talking with let alone seeing the legal luminary or any representative of his!

How could this fantastic story have happened in real life? Even in a flick, the story line will appear rather incredible to the ordinary sane fellow on the streets.

So many questions, so many wondering. How could a detainee, himself also in shackles successfully convince another (undemented) detainee that he is in a position to relieve this other of his shackles? How did the mind boggling sum of three hundred thousand dollars find its way inside a supposedly maximum facility from unofficial sources?

If this tale is true, and, well, a high court judge has so confirmed it, then one can only sigh N kan be!

I am tempted to rate the alleged swindler a genius but considering that he dealt with a swindlee who is an obvious gongosu edidare (compound fool is a poor English lingo equivalent) I will only award him the usual title of his ilk “Smart Alec.”


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